The Dullest Time in Sports – The Dog Days of Summer

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Olympics
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We are in the midst of the worst two sports days in the calendar year. There is no baseball. No football. No basketball. No hockey. Not even meaningful soccer. Don’t believe me? Just go to’s homepage and click on the soccer scores at the top… If you can pronounce just one single team name in action, I award you ten points and a congratulatory slap on the butt. Unless you’re into the WNBA…gross…or Tennis…gross…or the Tour de France…really?!?…these two days after the Major League Baseball All-Star game give the average fan a sneak preview of what purgatory may one day look like. There is just a whole lot of nothing going on…

In the typical calendar year, sports fans would gut through the next month by watching way-too-long, semi-meaningless, often-boring regular season games of baseball. While the addition of a second Wild Card spot this season leaves more fan bases feeling they are still within reach of a coveted ‘playoff’ spot – this portion of the year is called the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ for a reason. Luckily for sports fans, 2012 presents a momentary reprieve from the inevitable monotony brought on by latter portion of Summer. 2012 has the Olympics Games.

As if sent down from heaven to quench our always-parched thirst for all things sports, the Olympics will escort sport fans across this pond of boredom and into the almighty commencement of football season. Enough already ready with NBA free agency – we get it! We’ve all accepted the Suns drafted a reserve player in the lottery, could not get their top target, settled for a guy they just traded away, and signed two other guys (assuming they nab OJ Mayo) whose old teams couldn’t part ways with fast enough… Its hurts, but we move on…

The Opening Ceremony for the Olympics is July 27th. Only 15 more days. At that point we get to sit back and watch America flex its sporting muscle on the worldwide stage. For two weeks out of every four years, we get to pretend we actually care about sports like swimming, gymnastics, and track and field. But by the time of the opening kickoff of football season takes place, most sports fans will not even remember the games ever occurred. Oh, you don’t agree? Quickly, name five United States medalists from the 2010 Winter Olympics… Can’t do it? Can you name three? Apollo Ohno, ummmmm… like I said, it will be forgotten.

You see, the Olympics are just like American Idol in the opinion of many sports fans. Women love it. Men will tune in on occasion. Networks play up the dramatic storylines. There is all this hoopla leading up to the finale, then shortly after its over, no one really cares who just won. Just like you can’t tell me who won medals in 2010, I bet many of you couldn’t say who won American Idol Seasons 3 and 5 even though you or your loved one watched 75% of it and the television ratings were out of this world… Don’t get me wrong – I’m looking forward to certain parts of the Olympics. I’ll tune in to watch the rivalries and the marquee events. But for me, the Olympics as a whole are simply a bridge into football season. Once football has arrived, the ‘Dog Days’ will be over and the real fandom begins. That’s that.

  1. JenJaeckels says:

    Winter Olympics may be a bit harder to name three medalists (Ohno, Shawn White, Lindsey Vonn?) but I think people generally follow the summer Olympics more than the winter since generally most of us in the US have played or competed in one of the summer Olympic sports as a kid… Or maybe I’m just a freak :)

  2. jdubbs76 says:

    Its a good time to start prepping for your fantasy football draft(s). Are the Olympics over yet?

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